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there are not enough deaf!clint fics on ao3. -_-

I realize that MCU fandom has a different scale from many fandoms, but 235 Deaf Clint Barton works seems like an awesome number to me….

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People who don’t realize there’s a difference between / and & on Ao3 make for way awkward and accidentally incestual summaries

Yes. This so much, yes.

/ = romantic and/or sexual

& = platonic (neither romantic nor sexual)

v v awkward when you filter for one and open a work, only to find it intended the other. Whoops.

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Can you block someone on ao3?

I’m sorry to hear that’s happening to you. :(

If the poster is anonymous, you can lock comments on each work to logged in posters only. I highly recommend that for anon harassment. (Open the work and scroll down to the “Privacy” section. Check the box beside “Anonymous commenting disabled”.)

You also have the power to delete comments. There’s nothing wrong with doing that if someone is being obnoxious at you.

If the user is logged in and has done it repeatedly in a way that violates our Terms of Service, please contact the Abuse team with links before deleting any comments. If you’re not absolutely sure the comments violate the ToS, you can contact them anyway and ask - they’ll be able to advise you on that.

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Rhodey/Tony + text posts

Requested by anonymous, hope you enjoy! :)  Click to make bigger.

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Carol Danvers for thankyouforyourcooperation!

goddamn this is fucking STUNNING.



Carol Danvers for thankyouforyourcooperation!

goddamn this is fucking STUNNING.

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Yes. Yes she is.
(can’t wait to see her be badass on my tv - J)


Yes. Yes she is.

(can’t wait to see her be badass on my tv - J)


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TV show meme ➔ [4/5 female characters] Kaywinnet Lee Frye (Firefly)

I don’t believe there is a power in the ‘verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.

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Kaylee is my anti-manic pixie dream girl. She has all the hallmarks of one, including a brooding Simon to look after, but she lacks the most important feature of the trope: no life outside her love interest.

Kaylee has likes and dislikes. Kaylee has personal space. Kaylee has talents and skills and things that bring her joy. Kaylee has relationships with people other than Simon. Kaylee has opinions. Kaylee has dreams. Kaylee gets hurt and Kaylee fights back and Kaylee cries and Kaylee holds onto the people she cares about. Kaylee has multiple expressions. Kaylee chooses to be honest with and awed by the verse.

Two of my favorite Kaylee scenes are with Inara and Book, where she chooses to meet them on their terms and learn from their perspectives. She doesn’t listen to Simon because she’s his plot device for learning to live again. She does it because that’s how she chooses to approach the world. She connects with people because she’s curious about and excited by them. She is the protagonist of her own life story, she recognizes that other people are the same, and she values them for sharing pieces of themselves with her.

I would love to see the manic pixie dream girl trope transform in the coming years into characters with this kind of depth and independence. The same wonder, the same joy, but grounded in their own lives and histories and stories to tell.

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It’s not quite 5-7-5, but…

I dunno if I am actually supposed to be using these tags to organize my bookmarks
wait can you use the tags as a way to actually organize shit or
i think these tags are supposed to organize things but i use them to unleash my monologue

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Follow up to [X]

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